Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena

Spoil yourself and your horse - everyday luxury!

For many of us, life is busy. In addition to work, picking kids up from school, cleaning and making dinner, we also have to (and want to) make time for our horses. Going to the barn is a way for us to relax and achieve goals with our equine partner and work together.

In the middle of the dark winter, we have to remember to spoil ourselves and our horses. Bring some shine into your own life with these amazing luxury products!

1. Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups

Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups are made of titanium, which is commonly used in the aerospace industry. They have a unique open design, foot stoppers and they come in 3 wonderful colors: gold, silver, and black. They also feature the patent-pending Smart Attach™ system, so you don't have to remove the stirrup leathers in order to put the stirrup in its place. You can get the Ophena T stirrups by adding them in your cart today!

You deserve this luxury!

Magnetic safety stirrups at Ophena
Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups bring everyday luxury into your life!

2. Veredus carbon gel boots

Veredus boots are often seen in showjumping shows. They are anatomically designed to fit your horse's leg perfectly and support the tendons. The shell is made of two separate parts and the inside is made of neoprene. These boots look good, feel good and protect your horse's legs!

3. CD Rosario from Kingsland

Kingsland Equestrian is a sponsor for Charlotte Dujardin - the Olympian gold medalist in dressage. They have partnered together to create a Charlotte Dujardin collection. CD Rosario is a super warm, long jacket that will keep you warm in any weather! You can order it online at Kingsland Equestrian or visit your nearest distributor.

Treat yourself and your horse

Remember that life is not all about work and hustle - it's also about having fun and enjoying the little things. Some everyday luxury items can keep you safe and comfortable when you're caring for your equine friend and spending time at the farm.

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